Special Delivery on December 21st at Park Elementary

Special delivery on December 21st: Brand New Tennis Shoes for the Park Elementary kids this year at the Christmas Party.

Most of us can afford to purchase a pair of new shoes but for many of the kids at Park Elementary that is a luxury. Park is a low income school in west Tulsa.  100% of the kids that attend are on the free breakfast and lunch program.

We do this outreach for several reasons:
1st-to lift their spirits and give them hope.
2nd-let them know that others care about them. For some, this is their only Christmas gift they will receive.
3rd-if the kids don’t have tennis shoes for their P.E. class they can not participate. No tennis shoes means no Exercise.
4th-it truly is more fun To Give Than To Receive!!!!

The cost this year is $25 per child. If you would like to help support this outreach. Please go to: www.projectreachtulsa.com and click on the “Donate” tab at the top of the page. Thanks for your continued Support!!!