Parents In Action

Parents In Action Program

Statistically children do better in school when there is parental involvement. With only a handful of parents involved in some schools, Principals are looking for ways to get more parents to volunteer . We created the Parents-in-Action program. Parents volunteer their time and help teachers with extra projects (such as reading to students, making test copies, etc.) and earn credits for the volunteer hours that they work. These credits can then be used to “shop” in our “mini-mall”. Parents can “purchase” household items that they might not otherwise be able to afford (ie: new comforters, sheets, dishes, etc.).  The program helps the parents  feel a sense of self-worth that they are contributing to the success of their children.   The  teachers feel less stressed from under-staffing and the children are elated with joy to see their parents involved and volunteering at their school.

The Principal at Park Elementary says this program is a “win-win” for all involved.  We hope to incorporate this program into more schools with this need in the future.