The Santa Outreach

Project Reach Santa Outreach

In 2009, Project Reach organized their first outreach at Tulsa’s Park Elementary School (a Universal Title 1 School). We found the #1 need for the kids to be tennis shoes.  Through no fault of their own, most of these children only have 1 pair of shoes.  And a lot of those shoes are not appropriate for Physical Education which meant that a number of kids were missing out on this important class.  So we put our heads together, made some calls.  We then teamed up with local businesses and individuals and we were able to provide a Christmas party for these awesome kids.  They each received a brand new pair of tennis shoes and socks.  237 pairs of tennis shoes and socks to be exact.

In 2010 and 2011 we provided the Park kids with warm, new hoodies, scarves and gloves.  And because of the generosity of the donations we received, each child was also given a 3’ tall stocking full of surprises.

Again, in 2012 we provided the Park kids with brand new tennis shoes and socks.

Every child deserves to know that others care about them which in turn builds their self-esteem.  This outreach will continue every year to ensure their needs are met.